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Setup Deel payroll and invoice payments with Maximum Checking
Setup Deel payroll and invoice payments with Maximum Checking

Connect your Meow Maximum Checking account with Deel

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Meow Technologies is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by FirstBank, a Tennessee corporation, and by Grasshopper Bank, N.A. and Third Coast Bank SSB; Members FDIC. Sweep programs allocate deposits across a network of FDIC-insured banks and are offered through Meow’s partner banks, FirstBank, a Tennessee corporation, for up to $125 million, Grasshopper Bank, N.A. for up to $125 million, and Third Coast Bank SSB for up to $50 million.

  1. After logging into Deel select the Organization Settings page from the left hand menu

2. Then click the Payments tab

3. On the Payments page click the option for Payment methods

4. On the Payment Methods page click the Add Method button

5. By default Link a payment method should be selected. From here click Continue

6. Select ACH - Direct debit then click Continue in the top right of the page

7. Log in via Plaid should be selected by default. Click Continue to select this verification option

8. Search for Meow in the now open Plaid modal and select it.

9. You'll now be prompted to authenticate to Meow. Login to complete verification

10. Select the account you'd like to connect from Meow and click Continue

11. You'll then be prompted to select which teams on Deel should have access to the newly linked account. Select which teams to connect and click Continue

12. Finally you'll be asked to review the account details and be able to finish linking your Meow Maximum Checking account by clicking Add Payment Method

13. To begin using your Meow Maximum Checking Account for Deel payment navigate to the desired team you'd like to use the payment method with in the top left hand corner

then click Team Settings

14. You may now select the newly connected account and enable it as the Preferred method this will make your Maximum Checking account the default payment method for auto-payments. *Note* The legal name on the bank accounts may say the name of your underlying banking service provider on Meow "Third Coast Bank SSB", "Grasshopper Bank National Association", etc.

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