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Connect U.S Treasuries to Quickbooks

A comprehensive guide on Meow's U.S Treasuries Quickbooks integration

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To connect your account follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to and click “Connect” next to “U.S Treasuries”.

  2. Select the date to start syncing transactions from. By default Meow will sync all transactions from the date of the first deposit into the U.S Treasuries account. If you’ve done your own bookkeeping up to a later date, you may select a later date to start syncing transactions from.

  3. You will be prompted to login to Quickbooks and select the Quickbooks instance to connect Meow to.

Meow writes transactions as Journal Entries to Quickbooks at 8am US/Eastern time on a daily basis so transactions may not appear right away after connecting.

When connecting Meow to your Quickbooks instance, Meow will automatically create several new accounts in your chart of accounts including:

Quickbooks Account Name

Account Type


Brokerage Cash (Meow)

Bank, Cash On Hand

Uninvested cash held in your brokerage account at BNY Mellon Pershing.

U.S Treasury Bills (Meow)

Other Current Asset, US Government Obligations

The value of the active U.S Treasury positions you hold marked to market on a monthly basis.

Transfer/Withdrawals to Brokerage Cash (Meow)

Other Current Asset

Offset account for bank transfers to/from your brokerage account at BNY Mellon Pershing. We recommend matching Transfers to this account in your Quickbooks Bank Transactions view.

Investment Gains and Losses

Other Income, Other Investment Income

Offset account for changes in value to U.S Treasury Bills (Meow). Changes in investment value are recorded on the first day of the month on a mark.

Interest Earned

Other Income

Interest accrued from uninvested cash balances.

Management fees (Meow)

Other Expense, Other Miscellaneous Expense

Management fees paid for advisory services on U.S Treasuries balances.

These accounts may be renamed and numbered at your discretion.

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