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Connecting your U.S Treasuries account to Ramp
Connecting your U.S Treasuries account to Ramp

Get your U.S Treasury holdings counted towards your credit limit with Ramp

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In order to help improve the limit on your Ramp credit card, we recommend you connect your US Treasuries account to Ramp by following these steps

1. Download your last month's US Treasury statement from Meow here

2. On Ramp's bank data page you can "Add an account" and then select "Add Account Details"

3. For "Account Type" select "Brokerage" and retrieve the account details from Meow by clicking the "Deposit" button here

4. After that complete the connection by uploading the latest statement. Ramp should review your limit within two days, we recommend you reach out to them as well to confirm the statement upload.

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